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South Jersey Gas Programs

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0% Financing Available to Current and Future South Jersey Gas Homeowners


As a participating contractor with South Jersey Gas, Accurately Controlled Environments Inc. can offer you financing opportunities that many other companies can not. Whether you are upgrading your existing gas equipment or converting to natural gas.

We will work with you in determining your home’s needs, to fit you with the right equipment. Whether you’re looking to install a new High-Efficient Gas Boiler, Furnace, or Water heater, we will help pair you up with the program that best serves you.

South Jersey Gas Programs, Convert to natural gas

Your heater and water heater aren’t the only appliances that can use natural gas. Many people prefer cooking on natural gas stoves over electric for a variety of reasons. Not only does natural gas provide the instant heat you need for cooking, but it also allows you to instantly reduce the temperature for your cooking as well. That is just one reason why chefs the world over prefer gas stove cooking over electric.

And how about your dryer, did you know that Gas dryers are much more efficient than electric dryers? You will see your electric bill drastically decrease once you begin using an energy-star-rated gas dryer.


An Oil To Gas Furnace Conversion Will Save You Money In West Berlin, NJ!

South Jersey Gas Equipment Upgrade Program

0% Finance AvailableSouth Jersey gas offers many programs to fit your needs. These programs are ideal for homeowners who are upgrading to high-efficiency natural gas water heaters, boilers, or gas furnaces.

Visit South Jersey Gas for more information on their Enhanced Rebates, and 0% Financing Offers!

For Customers Already Heating with Natural Gas

South Jersey Gas offers the following Programs for those customers who are looking to upgrade their existing gas appliances.

  • up to $13,500 at 0% for 7 Years. Plus take advantage of up to $1,500. in rebates from your utility company.

For Customers Converting to Heating with Natural Gas

The following programs are available to those customers who are looking to convert their main source of heating in their home to natural gas.

  • Up to $13,500 at 0% for 7 Years. Plus take advantage of up to $1,500 in rebates from your utility company.