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Where in Medford

Where in MedfordWhere in Medford

Where am I?

Where in Medford

December 2018

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Otts of Medford

Rules for playing ‘Where in Medford’:

Only one submission per person may be entered per month. All entries must be received by the last day of the month. All fields must be filled in completely to be entered to receive a prize. One winner per month will be selected at random for the prize. Winners will be contacted and the prize will be mailed to the address provided. An answer must be entered by the end of the month. No purchase necessary to enter. Winner and answer will be printed in next month’s Medford Living issue and other print ads and locations. Must be 18 years or older to play

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Past Answers:

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November 2018

Answer: Leon E. Todd Memorial Park          Winner: December Shover of Tabernacle

October 2018

Answer: Flying W Airport          Winner: Jared Mandella of Highbridge

September 2018Medford Living Contest September 2018

Answer: Historic Cross Keys School          Winner: Ronald P. Surman of Centennial Lakes

August 2018Where in Medford, August 2018

Answer: Johnson’s Corner Farm          Winner: Jimmy C. of Tamarac

July 2018Where in Medford July 2018

Answer: Freedom Park          Winner: Samantha Adams of Medford Lakes

June 2018Where am I in Medford?

Answer: Kirby’s Mill          Winner: Kim Windl of Wellington Woods